Favorite Viennese Fashion Brand: Régiclothing (RÉGI)


Interview with CEO Maximilian Grieshler

RÉGI is a brand that combines high-quality materials with affordable prices. In an interview with FashionTouri the young entrepreneur (Maximilian Griehsler) talks about the formation and future of his brand.

The term “Régi” is Hungarian and translates to “old”. One would think that this name does not befit the emerging fashion label. However, upon closer inspection a deeper meaning becomes apparent. “I used to wear lots of vintage fashion, clothing by Champion, for instance. Their quality impressed me and motivated me. We (as a brand) want to go back to the roots - and produce items of high-quality that match their price” explains CEO Maximilian Griehsler.


Entrepreneur Maximilian Griehsler 
founded Régiclothing at the age of 18.


From leaving school to starting a business

The idea to start the label was of a spontaneous nature. “Originally I studied network technology at a technical college, however, after some years I lost my interest in it and thus fashion turned into my new passion” the designer clarifies. At the age of 18 Maximilian Greihsler decided to start a company with his friend Leon. In May 2019 Régiclothing became an officially registered business. To begin with they worked on the brand name and their business plan. Shortly afterwards they drew sketches and brought the first prototypes of their clothing items to life. “Holding the prototypes in our hands for the first time was such a great feeling” says Maximilian Greihsler. This experience gave us the motivation to keep going. Régiclothing’s items were available for pre-order in December 2019 and were first sold at the beginning of 2020. Meanwhile the team behind the brand has expanded, as it now not only consists of the two founders but also of a videographer and a social media advertiser.

What sets Régiclothing apart from other similar labels is the quality and simple design of the products, which would not be complete without their sewn-in logos. The customers are conscious of their buying decisions and appreciate the minimalist designs. “Our customers know what they are buying and like talking about our brand with their friends and family” emphasises Maximilian Griehsler.


The logo is sewn onto each piece.


RÉGI'S production and design

Maximilian is solely responsible for the design of his products. Details are of course discussed in the team. “I used to go to clothing stores and was unable to find clothing that completely fulfilled my expectations-in quality in material. These findings motivated me to create clothes I could wear too”, outlines the designer. Originally the first collection was designed for men, but the fit of the items made them just as suitable for women. The items are produced in Portugal, where companies such as Balenciaga, Rick Owens and Camp David manufacture their products. “Portugal has some of the best textiles and textile production sites worldwide” claims Maximilian Griehsler. The T-shirts and sweatshirts by Régiclothing are made out of 100% cotton. “We have not received a single bad review to this day. We also have numerous conversations with customers-they really enjoy our clothing”, says the founder and CEO of Régiclothing.



RÉGI garments are suitable for men and women. © FT/2020 REGICLOTHING





The future of Régiclothing

Behind the scenes a new collection is already in the works. Maximilian Griehsler hopes that in the long term future, Régiclothing will reach all the goals they set themselves-these being satisfied customers and a greater product range created using high-quality materials. The designer shares one piece of advice, which is directed at young people especially: ”If you have an idea and a goal, pursue it, no matter the cost. Do not let other people stop you from living your dream!”


An article by Paloma Pöltinger for FashionTouri

Translated by Maria Julia Bauer



Onlineshop: www.regiclothing.com


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