"Each woman should possess a unique clothing item that no one else has."


The designer Edith Langer talks about her brand Langer Modedesign, a company where everything revolves around photo printing as well as unusual motifs and fabrics. She also talks about future events she is going to be involved in and those hosted by her. A piece by Anna Flaschberger


As a trained advertising expert, Edith has worked in the branded goods industry and in agencies for many years. She eventually switched to the fashion industry and was a shop manager in various Viennese flagship stores. This gave her a unique access to fashion, clientele and recurring trends. While working, she founded her brand Langer Modedesign in 1989 She regularly participates in and organises her own events with her company. Since starting her label she has transformed it but her main principle has always remained the same: Every woman deserves to wear a unique piece.


How has your brand changed over time?

My line from the 90s was very special. It had a lot of details and was accordingly complex to produce. I made costumes and trouser suits back then, fur lined coats were also part of my range – these items were really demanding pieces to manufacture. When I had a fresh start with my brand, I adapted it a bit more to the trends which became more simplistic and modest. Eventually, I came across photo printing through friends and wanted to try it out. Since I am very fond of photography and quite good at it, this technique suited me immediately. I decided to make the fabric prints a bit extraordinary and to keep the cuts simple. Making both extravagant would have been too much.


How do you choose suitable motives for your fashion?

They catch my eye, for instance, when I’m on holiday or walking through the city. I don't search for motifs, but they find me. I particularly enjoy taking pictures of unusual architecture, plants and street art. Everything that is a little different and stands out from the norm fascinates me and I capture that with my camera. I always have my mobile phone with me but when I am on holiday I mainly use my proper camera.


langer modedesign                   langer modedesign

Whether a tree-trunk (left) or the Port of Hongkong (right), Edith’s motives are always an eye-catcher! © FT/Langer Modedesign


Which further steps are necessary?

First of all, I select suitable photos, edit them and have them printed on fabrics by a German company. Once they are delivered, I'm usually really happy as the materials are always of very high quality. Then all that’s left to do is cut them. Until recently I cooperated with Wien Work in the processing of the fabrics. They are a socially inclusive workshop for young people who want to learn the tailoring trade. Unfortunately, they no longer focus on individual pieces – my fashion consists exclusively of unique clothing items – so I am working with a similar organization called Jugend Am Werk now. 

It was important to me to find a workshop akin to Wien Work and support it. The young people there are well trained and do a really good job. Sometimes I also work with designers who sew clothes for me. If it is a simple piece, I even do it myself from time to time.

You can find Edith's current collection here: https://www.langer-modedesign.com

Wien Work: https://www.wienwork.at/

Jugend Am Werk: https://www.jaw.at/


How do you choose the labels for your events?

I already know a lot of different people from the local fashion scene, so I actually always have a stock of potential exhibitors who love to participate in events. I pay close attention to ensure that the labels all fit together and form a unit. Everything has to be structured and aligned beautifully – I want to avoid creating a flea market-feeling.

At the feinstoff#design.popup I am organizing in September, 10 designers will be present. Evelyn Rillé will be taking part with a collection of glasses which I am very happy about. Barbara Holcmann and her label BABS will be there with garments that can be adapted to fulfil different purposes. Stefanie Klausegger from MY MAGPIE who develops 3D jewelry will also be showcasing her collection. Other exhibitors are Katharina Stöhr from Rumpeltasche who produces custom bags as well as Marianne Reich with La Joie de Vivre and her scarves, textiles and home accessories inspired by nature.


langer modedesign

The range of Langer Modedesign at the last feinstoff#design.popup. © FT/Langer Modedesign


You can visit the feinstoff#design.popup from 17th to 19th September in the ausstellungsraum at Gumpendorfer Straße 23. From 9th to 11th October Langer Modedesign will participate in the Blickfang at MAK. There, Edith will present some new motifs and fabrics. You can look forward to T-shirts and dresses with interesting designs featuring graffiti and nature. In addition, you can admire the designer's fashion in November: From 20th to 22nd she will exhibit her pieces at the Modezone in the LENTOS Kunstmuseum in Linz.


Further information on the individual events can be found here:







Anna Flaschberger, FashionTouri editorial team