Where Customers are Angels - A visit to Angel of Pleasure


October 13

Angel of pleasure: What is the name all about? Do you see yourself as an angel?

For me, the name "Angel of Pleasure" means that my customers are my angels. They are treated like queens. Always with the goal of enjoying my fashion.

What do you think makes Angel of Pleasure so special?

I want to dress women in representative positions with custom-made items. Be it on a professional level, as well as for private occasions and leisure. The best thing I find is clothing that can be combined in many different ways in one day.

Looking back, what has been your greatest success so far?

The long-awaited opening of my shop, here on Burggasse. About 10 years ago, I was able to take over the business from a hat designer. After the takeover, I started do to major renovations. The floor was renewed, everything was leveled and the walls painted, then everything was as I always imagined. It was a huge pleasure and a big step for me.

Three tips for women who want to start their own label in the fashion and design industry?

For me, it is an interaction of three essential components. On the one hand, an economic basis and the right know-how are required. In addition, proceed carefully and plan everything step by step. And, of course, the most important component is passion!

FashionTouri tip: Magdalena Auff invites you personally to a champagne reception at the start of the next season at the end of September. Come over!

Address: Burggasse 29, 1070 Vienna
Web shop:

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