Elegance within simplicity


November 16

Simple, timeless and elegant fashion - made in sustainable production conditions. That’s PV Vienna, the fashion brand of designer Viktoria Peschl.


It all started with fashion sketches. Viktoria was thirteen years old when she discovered delicate and colorful drawings in a magazine. It was her mother, who taught her how to bring these illustrations to paper. She’s the one, who has inspired Viktoria on her journey to becoming a fashion designer and is one of her greatest supporters:

Role model and inspiration
© FT/Sissi Peschl

„She taught me how to draw, how to use a sewing machine and together we made my first ball gown. Like my dad she was an amazing supporter throughout my education and supports me in the studio to this day.“


The process of a new collection
© FT/Manuela Schauer
Victoria Peschl is a designer with passion
© FT/Manuela Schauer
With great care and attention to detail
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After finishing high school Viktoria completed the college of Fashion, Design and Textiles at the Viennese fashion and design school Herbststraße (Vienna). Two successful master classes in women and men’s tailoring followed. In 2018 a dream finally came true - she founded her own label PV Vienna.


The brand stands for simple, timeless and elegant fashion and impresses with its decent colors and clear cuts. The label’s concept is combining the pieces among each other (which is made possible due to their simple shape), moreover the brand aims to ensure the items can be worn with favorites from the customer’s wardrobe.


Timeless and classy fashion
© FT/Dorothea Heindl
The new autumn- and winter collection 2020
© FT/Manuela Schauer
Sustainable and fair production
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„Clothes have to conform to the wearer and not the other way round. We all know the endless struggle in front of our wardrobe and the annoying decision between fancy and comfortable. My designs were brought to life in order to make these situations a little bit easier.“


All pieces are produced in sustainable, fair and eco-friendly conditions. This way of production was never a decision to make but obvious - there is no other way for Viktoria:


„The clothes of my label must be sustainable - in many aspects: sustainable, because the pieces are long-lasting. Sustainable, because there are made of eco-friendly materials, which are produced under fair and environmentally friendly conditions. Sustainable, because I try to purchase the fabrics locally - as much as possible, to limit the ways of transportation.“


© FT/Manuela Schauer
© FT/Manuela Schauer
© FT/Manuela Schauer


At the end of our FashionTouri interview we asked Viktoria, what makes a good fashion item for her:

„A good fashion piece combines functionality, design and comfort. Apart from the aesthetic aspects it has to fulfill the real purpose: practicable protection in a comfortable way.“


The entire PV Vienna collection is available in the Studio & Shop at Stumpergasse 11 in the 6th district and via the PV Vienna’s online shop.

Atelier and Shop PV Vienna
© FT/Victoria Peschl


Finally Viktoria’s cake tip in Vienna:

 I still remember “The Zwetschkenfleck” (editor’s note: a traditional cake with fresh plums) at the Wenighofer-Wanits-shop in the 3rd district.“


FashionTouri Info:

 Do you already know GOTS?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a world-wide recognized and leading standard for the production of biologically produced textiles. On a high level the standard defines requirements in the whole textile production process - starting with the cultivation of flax to the weaving, refinement and sewing. In addition to fulfilling these standards, GOTS requires companies to comply with important social criteria, like fair payment, no discrimination at the work place and secure and hygienic working conditions.



Address:  Atelier & Shop PV Vienna, Stumpergasse 11, 1060 Vienna

Online-Shop: https://www.pv-vienna.at/shop/

Website:  https://www.pv-vienna.at/shop/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pv_vienna/?hl=de



GOTS: ttps://www.global-standard.org/de/

Warenhandlung Wenighofer Wanits: https://www.warenhandlung.at/de/news/