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You won’t find any books at this library; however, you can find around 650 different items of clothing. Endlos Fesch organises monthly pop-up events where you can borrow iconic pieces from local designers, as well as international luxury brands. How that works and how you can profit from it as FashionTouris you'll find out here.


Borrowing clothes instead of exchanging them

Who of us hasn’t bought a beautiful outfit for a special occasion, wore it once and then left it to hang in the closet for years? This is precisely the situation that Endlos Fesch wants to avoid. The idea of a fashion library was born through clothing swap parties, where in the end, many articles of clothing never found a new owner. Karin Kuranda, the founder of Endlos Fesch, strongly believed that exchanging clothes wasn’t the right solution to the problem. You erroneously think to yourself: "If I don't wear it so often, I can at least swap it, " however, according to her, this is not sustainable either.


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In her job, Karin focuses on development
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The fashion library comes to Austria

The concept of a fashion library has been around for some time – in Germany and America, it is commonplace. You can easily rent wedding and prom dresses, as well as tuxedos and suits for men. In order to bring the idea to Austria, the Endlos Fesch team started collecting pieces from their own wardrobes. Karin only included pieces she would also lend to her best friend.

As of right now, the clothes of Endlos Fesch are donated by local designers, stylists and bloggers. Karin, however, is very picky when it comes to choosing clothes for her fashion library. All garments have to pass her personal test.

You can rent one piece of clothing for 25€, two for 45€ and three for 60€. The clothes are then yours for one month. And the best part is cleaning and consultation are included in the price!


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The next pop-up dates will be announced here: https://www.endlosfesch.at/pop-up-termine/


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Customers can choose their clothes at Endlos Fesch's 
pop-up events. 
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Sustainable fashion consumption as a mission

Karin recognizes that it can be difficult to obtain information on clothing manufacturing from international luxury brands, Nevertheless, Endlos Fesch tries to get to the bottom of the production processes of their labels in order to ensure their customers that their apparel is as sustainable as possible. Due to the high demand for international luxury labels, some can be found in the fashion library's assortment, whereby Karin assures: "If I know that a brand isn’t sustainable, it won’t be part of our library.”


FashionTouri Tipp: Endlos Fesch is participating in “Aktion Nachhaltiges Österreich“ which is an initiative for a more sustainable Austria. Here you can vote for them: https://umfrage.app.do/embed/aktionstage-online-voting

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Ladies love dresses, gentlemen have no need

Dresses, dresses and more dresses – that’s the best way to describe the Endlos Fesch inventory. This wasn’t always the case. In the past, the fashion library also included skirts, tops and pantsuits. The Endlos Fesch team has conducted surveys and interviews to get to know their customer base better, and as it turns out, their customers prefer dresses for special occasions. It also became clear that the garment "always has to have something extraordinary, but not too extraordinary," says Karin. According to her research, men didn’t show as much interest as their female counterparts regarding the rental of clothing. It is for this reason that the fashion library specializes in women’s apparel, specifically dresses.


FashionTouri Tip: Are you looking for a gift? Giving somebody a voucher from Endlos Fesch is always a good idea and it’s totally sustainable as well!

Here is the link: https://www.endlosfesch.at/geschenkgutscheine-endlos-fesch/


Plans for the future: fashion for mothers-to-be

According to Karin, there hasn’t been any problems with dirty, damaged or lost garments, quite the contrary, in fact: "Our customers are taking care of things incredibly well and we have to give them credit for how socially and sustainably they use resources." In the future, Endlos Fesch wants to expand its range to include more sizes and maternity wear. Moms-to-be definitely have difficulties finding clothing for special occasions and change sizes throughout their pregnancy, so it makes all the more sense to borrow fashion.


In September, the fashion library will also be available on a rental platform in the internet!

Visit their online-shop: https://www.endlosfesch.at/katalog/


Anna Flaschberger, FashionTouri editorial team


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