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A suit that you want to keep on High-quality fabrics, attention to detail and great comfort? That sounds like the perfect suit? Yes, please! More and more women are taking off in their careers and are looking for professional clothing. A suit should be a career companion and not an obstacle. That's why the V-SUIT models are machine-washable, crease- and iron-resistant and rarely need to be washed thanks to removable underarm pads. This leaves women free to concentrate on more important things. Understanding the needs of business women "I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. And when I realised, as a manager in a company for years, that both I and all my female colleagues couldn't find suitable business suits, I decided to take matters into my own hands," says founder Katja Schuh about her motivation. She is a businesswoman herself and designs and produces suits for women. She knows what a good suit can give women: Confidence in appearance and highlighting their skills.

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1060 Vienna
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This is your Story!

How would you describe the sense of life in your city?

Vienna is chic, lively and above all sociable! A good wine, a bit of Viennese Schmäh and the evening is on ;-) I love the diversity of people and cultures in Vienna and every time I write this I realise that I enjoy too little in my everyday life!

What was your first designed piece?

It was really my premium V-SUIT blazer. I wanted to create a blazer that meets business standards and is fashionable at the same time. In fact, I started designing when I was 14. However, I never realised these designs because I decided not to go to fashion school and instead to attend the commercial academy.

What is your favourite place in the city?

My roof terrace and all the other tall buildings in the city! Why? Because I love a good view and from above you can see how interesting the landscape is in and around Vienna. Nestled in vineyards and nature reserves and in the city there is a ripple effect. As a result, you can really see all the sights from some points. Moreover, from above you notice the beauty of the roofs and the stucco ornaments, which you don't see at all on the streets.

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