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Feminine aesthetics for the love of fashion!

Hello, I'm Michala Babčanová, fashion design is my passion. Beauty can be found anywhere. I have learned to express this philosophy through my fashion and have made it the art and work of my life. As a designer I am conscious of the fact, that fashion is a kind of non-verbal communication. My love for fashion is expressed in my creations. This conveys feminineness through simple lines and minimalism, as well as decorative, playful evening gowns. I also love to create bodies and dessous in different materials and shapes. To fulfill your skin's desire!

Mail: mail@michecouture.com
Tel: +436603736960
Industriestraße 135
1220 Vienna
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St. Stephen‘s Cathedral

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Kunsthistorisches Museum

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Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

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This is your Story!

What is your favourite place in the city?

The "Himmelwiese" in the 19th district, near Grinzing. Beautiful meadow with a breathtaking view over Vienna!

What was your first designed piece?

I cut up my parent's bed-set, and turned it into batik-trousers for myself …

What makes your brand special?

My personal approach to the individual feminine expression of each woman.

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