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MADAME KUKLA – one piece. endless looks.

We’re probably the most unaffected fashion label ever, because at MADAME KUKLA there is no right or wrong. With her asymmetrical wrap dress Steffi created a garment that is just as flexible as the women who are wearing it. What started with Steffi’s dream of a variable wrap dress, fascinates now more than 22.000 happy women, who we like to call our #madamekuklas. Every day, our #madamekuklas design their own style with their wrap dress in combination with a CLIP or a TIE BELT. They create playful skirts, tops, vests and dresses. With our wrap dress it’s not the woman wearing it, who is adjusting to the garment, but the other way around! MADAME KUKLA is a fashion label based in Vienna. Our products are exclusively available online. All parts needed for our products come from Europe, which keeps the routs of transport short. The wrap dresses are lovingly made by hand. Our colorful accessories, like SCRUNCHIEs, HEADBANDs and TIE BELTs are made by social companies in Vienna and Graz. The cautious use of resources is very important to us. Therefore, our accessories are made out of fabric remnants. Like this, even the smallest pieces of fabric are used, which is really cool in our opinion. Swing by our website and find your personal MADAME KUKLA-Look!

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This is your Story!

How would you describe the sense of life in your city?

cosy, fun, a little narrow minded, a little open, great quality of life and colorful

What was your first designed piece?

One day I wanted to have something variable to wear. When I got my first sewing machine from my grandmother, I made my first own wrap dress without even knowing it.

What is your favourite place in the city?

Museumsquartier, Donauinsel, Wienerwald, Gänsehäufl

What makes your brand special?

At MADAME KUKLA there is no right or wrong. It’s the garment adjusting to you, not the other way around. Every woman is free to combine, clip and wrap her MADAME KUKLA wrap dress the way she wants to.

Dein absolutes Shopping-Mekka in der Welt ist?

my heart :-)

What is the story of your brand?

I sewed my very first MADAME KUKLA wrap dress and kept wearing it in different ways. My friends noticed and started asking me if that again was the same piece that I am wearing. Shortly after, I founded my company with my first variable wrap dresses.


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