Viennese Culture & Chic Français - Shopping Tour through "Little Paris"


A short walk through the 9th district of Vienna and someone’s not quite sure if he / she is still in Vienna. The small alleys with its exclusive shops remind of the capital city of France and offer a quiet shopping experience.

The district “Alsergrund” offers exclusive fashion looks and exquisite chocolate but also cultural inside tips.
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A neo-gothic masterpiece

The tour through the district starts at the Votivkirche, one of the most important buildings of the European Historicism. The church is located near to the Ring boulevard and easy to reach by public transport.

In the courtyard of the Church you can visit a museum which shows a wide range of different exhibits. The exhibits offer an inside look of the artistic design of the Votivkirche, the construction of the Church and its historical development.

One of the most famous works shown there is the Antwerpener Altar, which has been started in 1460 and was painted to the end a short time after in Antwerp. It’s one of the most important pieces of art of this historical period.

Every Sunday at 11:15 the Church gives a Holy Mass in different languages.

Boutique Flou
Inhaberin Lilo Mundlinger-Herz in ihrer Boutique
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Fashion that makes happy

A short walk through the Währinger Straße brings us to an exclusive Fashion Boutique for portable pieces and handmade ear jewelry.

The owner Lilo offers fashion that combines joy with exclusive design and high-class workmanship. She shows a lot of inspiration on her Instagram feed as well. (IG: boutique_flou)

The fashion collections are unique, colorful and strongly patterned. The boutique not just offers women’s wear but also ear jewelry, accessories and chains made by the owner herself. 

A truthful and competent advice is Lilo’s trademark. 


Währinger Str. 5-7, 1090 Wien.

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An extraordinary style at MilaStyle

The boutique MilaStyle is located on the same street just a few blocks from the Boutique Flou and offers individual fashion in layers. 

People who look out for fashion with an extraordinary touch will be happy at MilaStyle. All clothes are handmade and products of workmanship. They offer scarfs, hats, hooded shirts and more. The pieces can be worn during winter or summer. In the hotter seasons they are made of material which is permeable to air.

The look is unisex and independent of the dresscode and is available in different colors and sizes. 

FASHIONTOURI TIP: The unique pieces are unconditionally made out of cotton which can be worn by people with allergic reactions as well. 


Währinger Str. 57, 1090 Wien


An inside look in the world of Sigmund Freud

The Sigmund Freud museum presents the former living quarters and office of the famous founding father of the psychoanalysis. 

In the year of 2002 the museum gets a new “exterior surface” which represents installations from artists from all over the world. The installation series shows the relationship between questions about the psychoanalysis and modern art and gives the visitors a unique perspective of Freud’s work.

At the beginning of 5 persons you can book guided tours in advance. They cost 3,00 Euro per person and start either at 9.00, 11.00 or 14.00.

Besides there is the possibility of a guided walking tour through “Freud’s Vienna”. The certified tourist guide, Claudia Muschitsch, offers a city tour to all the important places for Sigmund Freud. At the end of the tour tourists can drink a cup of coffee at Freud’s favorite Viennese Coffeehouse. The prices and other information around the tour must be discussed with the Freud-Expert herself. 


Berggasse 19, 1090


Chocolate for a sweet pause

Our tour leads us to the state-of-the-art quarter called “Servitenviertel”, one of Vienna’s most beautiful places. 

There you should definitely pay the Viennese chocolate manufacture Xocolat a visit. 

Not only chocolate lovers will definitely fulfill their desires! 

The product range goes from marzipan chocolate with cranberries over fruity chocolate sticks with yuzu to dark chocolate with lavender. These are as well good souvenirs!


Servitengasse 5, 1090 Wien


A hidden, historical place

The oldest preserved Jewish cemetery in Vienna is found as well in Vienna’s 9th district. It was opened at the beginning of the 14th century and was untouched until the year of 1943. You reach the cemetery through the courtyard of the retirement home in the Seegasse. 

From the 931 gravestones 280 were rebuild after the 2nd World War. All inscriptions are written in Hebrew. 

At the first glimpse a gravestone definitely catches the eye: The stone that reminds of a fish, which is a symbol of the Jewish profession.

The Jewish cemetery Rossau is a mystical, historical place and is not just because of its history, but also because of its location worth a visit. 


Seegasse 9-11, 1090 Wien

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End with a view

In a side street of the Währinger Straße and the Liechtensteinstraße at the height of the Palais Liechtenstein, our tour comes to an end. 

The so called “Strudlhofstiege” is built in art nouveau and offers a place to dream.


The 9th district with its many side streets, special shops and cultural inside tips is definitely worth a visit and really popular for tourists as well as Viennese!

Edited by Konstanze Pawlik, FashionTouri