Form concept to the product - Female power in the shape of a handbag


November 03

At the tender age of 22, the enterprising designer Julia Skergeth already leads a textile factory in Indonesia. Out of necessity, she created her own shoe collection, which got very popular and is produced on site.

Today the Upper Austrian is no longer a stranger. Her name stands for timeless design and high-quality processing in bag production. The label no longer carries shoes, but at Julia Skergeth there are portable bags for work, party and everyday life!


FashionTouri has looked at the production chain of a Julia Skergeth bag and describes the path from concept to product for you.


Research & design

Julia in the creative process
© FT / Skergeth


The first phase of the production process begins in the head of the young designer. Julia is inspired by her environment, culture and art. She always remains true to her unique design of bags. But she always has an open eye for the latest trends.

The team's opinion is included in the development of the ideas as well as the customer’s feedback.


Looking for the right materials

Just the best leather for a JS handbag
© FT / Skergeth



Julia visits some leather fairs to find quality materials for her bags. The search for the right leather is often unsatisfactory and very time-consuming.

The label currently obtains its leather from Italy, where it offers a sustainable alternative as a waste product of the meat industry.


Quality control by friends


The first prototypes are developed. Now the motto is: diligent test wear for family and friends! Acquaintances, as well as the team itself, recognize the first opportunities for improvement in this phase and test the bags for load-bearing capacity and quality.


Order & organization


After changes and improvements to the prototypes, it's time to order! A small production facility in the Czech Republic manufactures the bags under fair and ethical working conditions. The factory is run by women and thus supports the motto of the label: #femalempowerment. Because even outside of production, there are only strong, creative women behind the Julia Skergeth brand.

The production of the designs can take up to 2 months and sometimes leads to delays through the small production facility if for example a seamstress fails due to illness.


The finishing Touch

Little modifications before the sale
© FT / Skergeth



As soon as the bags are ready, they are checked for their quality and provided with a care label. Each bag comes with a Julia Skergeth dustbag and bears the brand's unique logo: a stainless steel ring with the name of the label.


Sales: online & offline

The Petit Round Weaver in Whipped Cream
© FT / Konstanze Pawlik 



The young designer sells her handbags and backpacks in her online shop and in Concept Stores in Vienna, Kazakhstan, the USA and Japan.


FashionTouri-Tip: Signing up for the company's newsletter is very worthwhile! In addition to the news about new collections, the label also sends style guides for the perfect wear of a Julia Skergeth bag. Whether in a party look, casual style or worn with a late work outfit, the newsletter offers a lot of inspiration! One or the other favorite recipe of the designer is posted as well.



Edited by Konstanze Pawlik 





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