Here, All That Glitters is Gold!



So much jewellery circulates in the fashion world that we often forget how much work and passion lies behind the craft. This is why the gold and silversmith Katja Dworak lets us participate in the creation of a ring. But that’s not all her jewellery atelier has to offer. Article written by: Anna Flaschberger


The premises of the jewellery studio in the 16th district of Vienna celebrates a long tradition in this field: For already three generations they have been used by goldsmiths. Katja took over the business in 2008, but not from her family. Her interest in gold and silversmith’s art does not run in the family. She states, “I am not influenced by my relatives concerning the craft, but I’ve always loved working with my hands.”


Katja's workshop is situated just behind the counter.
© FT/Anna Flaschberger



How a Beautiful Ring Is Made Out of Gold

In order to create a piece of jewellery, Katja needs the right materials. In this case, a ring is to be made from a bar of gold and small glitter stones. First, Katja measures the gold and then passes it through the roller to make it flatter. However, this process also makes the material hard and brittle. Only by annealing and heating it can be processed again. Next, Katja bends the gold to form a ring in the first place. By cutting off the excess material and measuring it again, the piece of jewellery is brought to the right size. Then she solders the open ends of the gold rod together.


katja dworak
Katja can control the flame by blowing into the mouthpiece.
© FT/Anna Flaschberger


After the ring has been boiled shortly, Katja begins with the hammering into a round form, filing and sanding. Now the ring is drilled to get holes for the stones and polished afterwards. This is the process that makes it so shiny. The stones are prepared and cut off-site, nevertheless it is Katja, who brings them to life in her jewellery studio. This article lets it sound so easy - however, in reality the creation of a ring takes several hours of work and a lot of dexterity.


This is how the gold and glitterstones look before Katja's workmanship.
© FT/Anna Flaschberger


The finished gold ring.
© Schmuckwerkstatt / Katja Dworak


Many Services in One Shop

Not only new pieces of jewellery are created in the atelier, but Katja also takes care of accessories from customers. This service includes the cleaning, repairing as well as reworking of the jewellery. In addition, Katja provides her professional advice and always tries to get the best out of every single piece of jewellery of her clientele. It is important to her that it fulfils its function and can be worn with pleasure. She says, “I’ve always had an affinity for jewellery, even if I don’t wear much myself.”


FashionTouri Tip: You have a cool ring, but unfortunately it is too big for you? Or the clasp of one of your necklaces is cracked? Then Katja can come to your rescue!


If you have individual wishes or materials for a piece of jewellery, you should also pay a visit to the studio. Katja is able to turn your souvenirs of your last trip, like shells, into the most beautiful pieces.


Wedding rings out of white gold.
© Schmuckwerkstatt / Katja Dworak


A golden ring with a precious stone.
© Schmuckwerkstatt / Katja Dworak


Unique Treasures of Her Own Collection

If you don’t have your own ideas for a piece of jewellery, but still want to own a unique treasure, then you should definitely take a look at her shop window. There, a variety of necklaces, earrings, rings as well as other accessories are sparkling. Each one of them is made by herself. This is why her collection exclusively consists only of individual pieces that are as unique as her jewellery atelier itself. If you are interested, she has even more jewellery to show off – there should definitely be something for everybody.




Address: Wattgasse 53, 1160 Wien




Anna Flaschberger, editorial team FashionTouri

Translated by Isabel Drasl